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  • Web Development Company ProfileZorroDesign, is a company that for a decade has been delivering quality, vibrant and cost effective web design solutions for its clients.
  • Web Design What are the objectives of putting your site on the net?
  • SEOSearch engines are serious business, as they are some of the most powerful media forces on the planet. At ZorroDesign we understand your plans are to get sales and be found.


In the organic search listings you’re probably familiar with Sitelinks.

They are the collection of links that appear below the search result for your website, and they link to the main pages of your site. Sitelinks are there to help users navigate your site. They are created by analyzing the link structure of your site to find shortcuts that will save users time. Though they are generated automatically, if you are unhappy with these automatic links you can delete some or all of them using Google Webmaster Tools. Depending on how specific the search term is these Sitelinks are sometimes displayed on one line or across four lines.